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Grated Carrots with Orange Vinaigrette

Last night I tried grated carrots with a new orange vinaigrette and believe it or not Mellow – who can be a bit fussy – told me before eating that he was going to like it and eat it all. Which is a start – and guess what? He did!

Grate the carrots (approximately one per child).

Prepare the vinaigrette as follows (for 2 carrots): 2 tbsp olive oil, juice
from ½ orange, juice from ½ lemon, add salt and pepper to your taste. The
orange and lemon replaces the vinegar and give it a sweet taste. Very
refreshing and a great recipe for children.

My Carrot Vichy 

Pan fry slices of carrots in olive oil with garlic until they are well caramelised. At that stage if they are still uncooked you can add a bit of water so that they can finish cooking. Sprinkle parsley on top of them at the end of the cooking.

You can add diced potatoes as well and cook them in the same manner but if you do so my advice is to place the carrots in the pan first and the potatoes a bit later (2/3 min.) because carrots take longer to cook than potatoes.

Purée rose

Don’t ask me why it is called the pink purée, I have no idea since it is actually orange but I have always heard my grand parents calling it “purée rose”. So here is the purée rose recipe!

Boil or steam potatoes and carrots (I prefer the taste of veg when they are steamed), mix them together with a bit of butter and milk (or fresh cream) until you reach the texture you want.