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I lied!

At our weekly editing meeting at Me. He. and Them, just before Christmas, when discussing whether we had New Year resolutions. I lied.

I proudly announced I did not make New Year resolutions anymore. This is for the weak!

Well, as Me & The Boys, I’m going to become a better women but it’s going to be a bit more selfish. This year I have secretly decided to not be ONLY a mum but to go and discover what London has to offer – and maybe I will be able to impress with my new knowledge!

Last Friday, I wanted to go to the National Gallery and ended up in the National Portrait Gallery – NPG (iPhone problem!). Never mind. I would have to visit this one as well anyway.

After wandering around on the ground floor, trying to download their iPhone application that would not download because it was too big for the line, wondering why there is a photo portrait of Sienna Miller but none of Jude Law, looking for Amy Winehouse’s one in vain, I decided to give my visit a last-minute theme and picked up the Camden Town artist group (out of the NPG’s choice). I went to the first floor (rooms 29 and 31) and had a look around, liked what I saw without exactly knowing why and without being able to understand why there was an art group called Camden Town.

After such an exhausting morning, I went to the café on the 3rd floor. I had a delicious lunch a bit overpriced though but the view over London from there was great. Missed my girls for 1 minute when I had a bite in a candied pecan nut which made me remember of Bonny (don’t ask me why).

Conclusion: I don’t think I have become much more knowledgable but at least I know where the National Portrait Gallery is!

Next time I will better prepare for my visit, look at a map before going and not trust my Iphone. I will look at the museum web site before my visit to make the most out of it. Next time I will be a perfect woman!

Me & The Girls