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I have been trained to be an efficient bank executive but I have not been trained to be a mum. Bonny is my second child, she is now a toddler and I haven’t yet got it. What to do with babies?

Babies hardly move. Babies don’t talk. Babies cry. Babies sleep, Babies eat.

I went for her 1st year medical recently and we were given a couple of books together with a “baby user guide” by Bookstart “what babies love”. Thank you! If I have a third child one day, I know now that I do not need to do anything very complicated just spend some time alone (no telephone, no telly, no music, no other people at least not all the time) with my baby.

Babies love it when you read, when you sing, when you talk, when you show them things around in your daily life, when you seat on the floor with them and play. And Babies LOVE BOOKS. Remember that.

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