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I want to be a perfect woman! And although this is something I always aim, once again this is going to be my New Year Resolution.

I’m going to be a perfect mum, a perfect wife and a perfect housewife. I actually don’t think it is possible, it’s just not me but I can try to do my best.

You probably wonder why I would want to be perfect, what I would want to put so much stress on myself, and I have to admit I have no answer.

I want to be a perfect mum, have one to one time with each of my 3 boys every day/every week, listen to them, stay calm and have clear rules (rather than shout when it gets too much!).

I want to be a perfect wife, spend quality time with The Brain (rather than spend the evening in the front of the computer or the TV) and ‘dress up for him’ like Louise Mensch, the conservative MP who thinks this is an act of love. I actually agree with her but over the last 5 years, with 3 pregnancies, babies, lack of sleep and breastfeeding, I let myself take it easy.

Being a perfect mum and a perfect wife, although maybe being perfect is a never-ending goal, should be somehow not the hardest part.

Being a perfect housewife, I think that’s going to be really difficult for me but for some reason I feel I have to be. I would like my house to be always tidy and clean, the laundry basket always empty, the fridge full of good stuff (not rotten vegetable that I bought one day when I had all these plans of cooking a good meal for my family!), every cupboard tidy…you have the picture?

I would want The Brain to come home to a this perfect house. At the moment he comes home late from work and start cleaning or tidying the house, he empties the bin, or tidy the kids toys – and I hate it. Even if he does not say anything, I feel I should have been the one doing it (instead of spending time on the computer). I feel guilty, and at the same time I feel I should not be guilty as I don’t have my evening tidying up (to please my husband), I really don’t like doing it and I need to rest once I have put the kids to bed. I’m torn and I would love to resolve this by just only having this perfect clean house, I would keep it clean so I would never have to feel like I have to spend hours doing housework. It sounds easy but I have tried so many times before, I know it’s impossible! I’ll try though!

This is my new year resolution. What about you?

Me & The Boys