I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve because I do not like the pressure of having to organise or participate in a big party. The expectations for a perfect evening are too high.

The evening started off fairly promising. The Captain and I were invited to spend New Year’s Eve with some good friends at their country place. However, we arrived to find our hosts exhausted from having hosted a never ending stream of friends and family. Dinner was a half-hearted mishmash of courses (leftovers, I suspect) that was a clear departure from their past culinary efforts. We pretty much ate in silence. What can I say, we were all tired from the holidays.

So the last thing we needed was a trip to the A&E. In an attempt to help put the dishes into the dishwasher, one of the guests cut her finger very badly on a knife blade that was facing up in the cutlery tray. We tried to stem the flow of blood but the cut was pretty bad. So off to the A&E we all went, solidarity in numbers.

And that is where we rang in 2012. How did you spend yours?

Me & Little Miss A