The end of the term is looming in the horizon, and I know how dreadfull it can be.

This year (as pretty much the last 5 years – apart from last year when I was 8.5 months pregnant!), we are spending one week with my parents and one week with my parents in law, and everytime I think I will have time to write for the blog, and read, and do photo albums, and…and everytime I come home, and I have done nothing.

Although I have help to entertain the kids, I still seem to always be the one looking after them while others cook, do groceries, have a chat or do nothing (that was my sister last year but now she has a 2 weeks old baby so she won’t be doing that!!!). Sometimes I wish it was me doing the groceries (without the kids of course!).

Anyway, this year, I’m prepared. First, I’m bringing a list of meals that I will cook – while others look after my boys!!

But I know I will also have to keep them entertained – and it will mostly have to be indoors.

So we’ll do :

  • 2 minutes of gymnastics (and stop very quickly when they start jumping everywhere).
  • 5 minutes of board games (and then they will start fighting).
  • 6 minutes of reading.
  • 30 minutes of baking/cooking (that normally works pretty well).

And then what? Aarrrghhhh, I need some ideas, they are going to drive me crazy!!!

So this year I’m planning to give them lots of colouring to do (and I’m hoping they will cooperate) – one subject every day and there will be some learning involved – they are still little and love to learn.

For coloring pages and theme ideas (+ lots of ideas of what to do), I go to Activity Village . Great website if you lack ideas during the holiday. But if you Google a theme, you will find lots of website with coloring pages as well. And you can ask them to pick a theme. What I try to do as well is find some interesting facts about that subject.

My tip is to tell the children the day before what the theme is going to be the following day, it will keep them excited and hopefully they will want to participate.

Good luck!

Me & The Boys.