Thank you to fivegoblogging for tagging us in Mammy Who‘s meme “Music as Therapy”.

Since there are 3 of us at Me.He.& Them, we each chose our favourite song.

“I Melt with You” – Modern English

This song brings me back to my youth, circa 1984. I first heard this song at the impressionable age of 14, during the closing credits of “Valley Girl”, which stars Nicolas Cage as one half of a pair of star crossed lovers from different social backgrounds, overcoming the odds to find love and attend prom together. I loved the movie and I loved the song. It became the first album (cassette, really) that I bought with my very own money; and I played it over and over with my friends after school in my bedroom. We rewound and played the song so much, I’m surprised the ribbon didn’t snap. I still have the cassette – slightly worse for wear – in a box in my old bedroom at my parent’s house. Over the years, the song was upgraded to CD and then iTunes. It even featured at our wedding: “I’ll stop the world and melt with you…”

“Pink Floyd” – Wish you were here

Simple. Beautifully sad. One of the best ballads ever. I wish I was there.

“Those Were the Days” – Mary Hopkin

I’ve always loved this song. I remember the first time I heard it was at the parent’s house. They had it on an old CD (or maybe it was a cassette!), and I just fell in love with it. I just want to get up, dance and sing along whenever I hear this song on the radio, and sometimes I just have to listen to it on you tube over and over again. I think the one we hear on the radio is sung by Dolly Parton but I like this one. Not the original though. It was originally a Russian song, then translated and sung by Gene Raskin and The Limeliters but it’s Mary Hopkin who made this song famous. It was then sung by many others artists in many languages. Enjoy.