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The beginning of the story

A few weeks on…

I’ve found a pretty good nanny, but obviously she is not perfect.

I tend to forget that I’m not perfect either though sometimes I do get annoyed (very annoyed!) at my boys. I don’t like the whinning, or if they eat like piggies and there’s food everywhere on the floor, I don’t like the fighting, or when they are too good friends, and jump, run, scream… and sometimes I do say things to them I often later regret, or at least regret the way I said it to them, maybe I shouted, or just over reacted, and told them off without telling them what they had done wrong (or why today it was wrong…because Mummy is tired and yesterday she was in a good mood, so it was ok to jump, run and be noisy in the house).

Sometimes I get annoyed at The Brain when he looks after the kids simply because I would do things differently and as a mum, I can only be right, no? I know better, right?

I think most mums probably feel the same than me. Being a nanny must a pretty hard job, the kids would rather be with their mummy and the mum will never find the nanny good enough! She definitely does not get appreciated as much as she deserves. In a ‘normal’ job, your boss might not find you perfect but it’s only a job for him as well, so not full of sentiment and emotions, which makes it easier for everyone really.

I tend to see only the bad things, but I should concentrate more on the good: the kids are happy, they eat really well (and Mellow is not the fussy eater he used to be), the house is tidy, the kitchen is clean, the laundry is done…

Nobody will ever be good enough to look after my kids, but I’m still glad I have somebody to look after them 3 days a week while I go out to work.

Me & The Boys