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My Search for the Perfect Nanny: Take 4

My nanny and I don’t see eye to eye. There. I’ve said it. But am I allowed to say so?

The children like her and she is a good nanny: she knows how to entertain them, they respect her and she is organised enough to look after 2 toddlers and a baby. Thumbs up really!

But her character, the way she talks to people and the fact that she believes she is the best, even better than me…just thinking about her sends shivers down my spine. She hasn’t even worked for me for 2 months! Even the 15 minutes I have to spend with her between when I return from work and she leaves is often too much for me to bear.

Tonight, she told off Jed one minute after I got home because he wanted to get down from the table to hug me. She told him to go and sit on the steps because he was, as usual, not sitting properly at the table. So what do I do? I don’t say anything (although all I want to do is hug him of course, I missed him so much), I can’t really. I sit next to him though because he is crying. Then she tells me that parents would normally talk to their child and explain why they are sitting in the naughty corner!!! I could not believe it, she was telling me what to do with my own child!  I’ve had a long day at work plus a long commute, I really don’t need this.

Now, I’m writing, this blog (and you, the readers) is my therapy. I don’t think I will be able to do anything tonight. I can’t relax!

What shall I do?


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