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We are not very crafty at Me. He & Them, but we like to give it a try, just for the sake of the children really. You will probably find lots of nice ideas out there, in magazines or on the internet, but if you aren’t crafty either and still want to do something with the kids, this is for you then!

Top of the Tree Father Christmas

Take an A4 white page, cut to have a half circle and fold to form a cone. Draw the eye, nose and mouth. Paint the cone red leaving some white at the top (under the hat) for the face. Glue some cotton at the top (for the hat) and the bottom (for the fur of the coat) and then under the face for the beard. Done. Put at the top of the tree. You child will be so proud.

Pompom Christmas tree

We always have great expectations. Mine this year were this:

I wanted to decorate our Christmas tree with pompoms only and I though that it would be a great idea to make these pompoms with Blondie. Here is the result of our efforts:

Luckily enough we have last year christmas decoration because we could manage to do only 4 pompoms. It is only December 8th so I guess we have plenty of time to do some more pompoms and we will still celebrate Christmas in 2012, won’t we?

For the pompon, you need to perform the following steps:

PS: The size of your circle, will be the size of your pompom, the bigger, the longer!

PPS: For a nice fluffy pompom, you need to have a minimum of 5 layers of wool.

Well and if your arts & crafts don’t look as nice as you’d expected, you can still go and check out the following blog that I like a lot and offers a very nice Christmas Craft market: isthereaplanb

Christmas Cards

For the second year now, I’m attempting to have Little Miss A make some Christmas cards for our extended families. Last year I ended up making most of the cards myself after Little Miss A got distracted by her toys (my family now think their beloved granddaughter/niece is incredibly neat and has superior hand-eye coordination!). This year, I’m hoping she’s sit still long enough to get through the dozen or so I need.

It’s actually quite fun and for the brave, even more fun as a playdate activity. All you need are:

  • Card and envelopes (Rymans has a good selection).
  • Glitter glue pens.
  • Ink pads in green, red, gold, silver.
  • Stamps (Cass Art has a Christmas-themed stamps kits).
  • Assorted paints.
  • Christmas-themed stickers.
  • Wipe clean table cloth and painting smock or old clothes for the kids.

Voila! I was pleasantly surprised how much fun she had and apart from me stamping “Merry Christmas” on the inside of the cards, she did them all herself. Some look better than others but they are without a doubt Little Miss A’s this year!