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I’m not a morning person and Mondays are particularly brutal for me. On this particular Monday, I dashed out the door without so much as a drop of coffee. So after depositing Little Miss A at school, I made my way through our local grocery store; dragging my basket behind me and mindlessly filling it in a complete haze. I managed to fight through the cobwebs in my head to plan a week’s worth of meals: nutritious and well balanced with enough variety; not bad, I thought. I waited patiently to pay and as my groceries were individually scanned and packed, I looked into my handbag to discover…I’d left home without my wallet. I felt the pressure from the growing queue behind me to frantically search my bag (“And the Oscar goes to…”) but I knew it wasn’t there. Ideally, I would have apologised profusely as I slinked off but the groceries had been packed into my own reusable cloth bags. I’m pretty sure those were draggers coming from the cashier’s eyes as I sheepishly waited for her to reverse what she’d just done. I’m ordering a pizza tonight.

Me & Little Miss A