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Finally it’s December!

Our Christmas tree is up and decorated, the stockings are hung, Christmas hats on and the Christmas CD has been on full volume since the week-end.

Tonight, we’re writing our letter to Santa. I think it’s going to be: I want this and this and this and this……and hopefully it’s going to be what’s on my shopping lists, because I’m not changing my list! You can also check Mum Of All Trades ‘ post on Writing to Santa .

You can also get a personalised letter back from Santa, try Lapland letters for example, but you can also do a Google search.

And then we are following Mum Of All Trades‘ idea of doing something Christmassy every day until the 24th. I still have to do my list but tomorrow we’ll start with Christmas colouring which should be easy enough and then we’ll see!

We have our ugly advent calendars. You know the ones with the crappy chocolates from the grocery stores. Yuk! I would not recommend that. But we have them and the kids love them, so….

Me & the Girls has bought hers as well, but all the windows have already been opened by Blondie who just had to know what was behind each one…well she was a bit disappointed as there was no chocolate hiding – not even behind number 24!

And then finally, we’re going to start reading Christmas stories. My favorite book is Secret letters to Santa’s special letter , but also Snowman By Raymond Briggs and Mogs’s Christmas from Judith Kerr.

We’re ready!

Me & The Boys