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The beginning of the story

The Settling in Period: Episode 3, 4 weeks to go

For 2 weeks, the nanny is going to look after the boys and then I can relax and do other things before I go back to work. Woohooo, how nice! I’m so going to take
advantage of this! Then she is off for 2 weeks before I start work.

Everything goes pretty well. I introduce her to Mellow and Jed’s teachers at school, I show her the neighbourhood, she comes with me to local baby activities in the morning; and we go to different playgrounds in the afternoon with Mellow and Jed.

The second week, she takes all 3 boys out to drop off Mellow and Jed at school. Jed screams when he leaves the house when the realisation sets in that I’m not coming with them. I feel like crying myself. An hour later, I text her ask her how it went. Her reply was: “It went well. Jed cried all the way to school but he’ll get used to it”. Ah, my baby, of course he will get used to it. But will I get used to such coldness? However, apparently when she picked up Jed in the afternoon, he ran to her and gave her a cuddle. So I guess she is right, he will be fine, and I’m just being too protective.

Going back to the meals now. She cooks chilli con carne, spinach and ricotta cannelloni, pasta carbonara (with leeks), chicken and courgette curry and some mackerel in red pesto with broccoli. It sounds all pretty balanced with lots of variety and vegetables. The children actually ate the cannelloni, the courgette curry and the mackerel without too much fuss. The leek carbonara did not go down well. The chilli corn carne could have gone well I think, but she decided to replace the beans with lentils and the rice with millets (I bought this at her request but I had never heard of this before), and they did not like it.

She does not make them finish their plate anymore so I guess she heard me, but I still think her dishes are too fancy. The chilli con carne, for example, they never had it before, and they also never had lentils before or millets so all in one go maybe is a bit too much.

I decided to not mention this until she returns from holiday as I already have had to discuss with her the fact that she is often late (from a flat she temporarily shares with a friend on the other side of town) and still has not found a place close by (as she said she would). She reassured me but I don’t want to overdo it and make her feel not appreciated. It can wait.

So am I still worried?

Is she too strict? Maybe a tiny bit too old fashion but it’s only going to be for 3 days  a week so I guess it will be ok. And maybe she can get them to become really well behaved so should I really complain?

Are my children going to be happy? So far, they like her and she will definitely engage them in various activities. And don’t children like boundaries and rules?

Is she going to love them? She is not very cuddly and I guess it’s hard to get fond of 3 children in 2 weeks. I will be home for the morning cuddle and the bedtime stories and kisses. That’s probably the most important part of the day in term of cuddles so it should be ok. I know she will care for them and that’s why she is strict
and cooks so much, she does that for the children, to help them later in life.

Regarding the meals again, now I’m thinking she is probably right about this food thing  – actually the main thing that has been bothering me! Although they are not bad eaters (I think so anyway), I only cook dishes that I know they will like. I rarely try something completely new. Jed eats a lot better than Mellow but I should probably try more advanced cooking rather than just boiled vegetables. She is right in cooking “adult” dishes and making them eat them (or at least try them).  Jed has actually been eating courgettes and mackerel and loving them. I’m hoping Mellow will get there eventually and I am actually surprised with some of dishes he has tried/liked over the last 2 weeks.

So yes, maybe she is going to be my perfect nanny!

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