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December is going to be here in a few days and well, I’m not done with my Christmas shopping!! Some people have told me they are done already. Really? How is this possible? One colleague said all his presents were already wrapped up!!! Crazy, right?

Well I’ve started last night :

-I’ve made some photo diaries at photobox for my mum and my mother in law. The diaries are personalised with very nice photos of Mellow, Jed and Little T. Once you have selected the photos and downloaded them, it is very quick to do.

Last year, I did a photo calendars, but you can also do mouse pads, Christmas cards and of course photo albums (although that takes quite a long time to do).

You can also try snapfish, pixum and snappy snaps . I have used all 3 of them in the past and they were all very good. They all have different size photo albums and calendars, and different offers at different times of the year. You can subscribe to their e-newsletters to get all their latest offers.

-Christmas stockings – great for the children.  I bought mine at Not on the High Street . They are very good quality and beautifully made. This year I bought another 3, one for Little T, one for my sister’s daughter, born one week go, and my sister in laws’s son. You can personalise them if you want.

– I also love to buy Christmas decorations and nice wrapping items. Try Not on the High Street as well as Cox & Cox . They have really nice stuff. Not cheap though but it also gives you little ideas of what to do.

-If you need to buy little presents, head to Pylones, Design Gift Maker (or sometimes called Octopus). If you are desperate to find ideas for presents, you will find them here. There are 5 branches in London and quite a few locations across the UK.

So get yourself ready now and enjoy the month of December a bit more!

Me & The Boys