The Captain and I decided that Little Miss A – at the ripe old age of 3 – is old enough to walk to school. I noticed that most of the children her age were walking (although I suspect it was because they were booted out of their pram upon the arrival of a sibling) and could walk for miles. Admittedly, she’s not a great walker (she can’t take two steps before she starts begging to be carried) and being carted around in a pram doesn’t help. So we went cold turkey. For the most part, Little Miss A is coping well and has been a good sport. I, on the other hand, have not. Sigh. I miss my pram. I miss being able to buy a ton of groceries (“2 for 1 on watermelon? I’ll take 4!”). I miss being able to hang all my bags off the handles (and sides). I miss being able to have a stash of emergency provisions underneath. I miss being able to just zip from A to B. But what I miss most of all, is my baby as she’s now no longer a baby.

Me & Little Miss A