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The Trial: Episode 2, 5 weeks to go

So #1 tells me she will do a few day trials and then will let me know if she is happy to work for us or not! OK, why not? I want to see if she will be a good fit for the family so let’s give it a try. Now I’m nervous though, I feel I’m being interviewed, investigated, reviewed and probably judged. I feel the house needs to be tidy, the kids must be well behaved (how do you control them anyway, so I guess I just hope the kids will be well behaved) and I must have a fridge full of fresh seasonal food (of course I cook a fresh and healthy meal every day!). Is this right? It’s not social services coming to check on me so why do I feel like that?

Was this the right decision? Is she really the perfect nanny? So here she starts. And everything goes well. She is quite easy to talk to and is pretty good with Little T. Mellow and Jed seem to like her, and although she is quite serious and a bit too confident that she knows better than anybody how to raise children (she is only 24 and has no children), I’m quite happy.

When I say, there is chicken and spinach for dinner, she prepares chicken stuffed with spinach and mozzarella (with some cumin, of course), coated in breadcrumbs. And the children loved it! Perfect!

She cooks while little T is asleep and then leaves the kitchen perfectly clean. Perfect!

She is always up for taking Little T to a music class and is happy to take him to his Aquababies swimming class so he can still go even when I’m back at work. Perfect!

When Mellow and Jed are back from school, she suggests baking a chocolate cake. Perfect!

Until day 2 when Mellow does not behave (while baking the chocolate cake for Jed’s 3rd birthday at school), and despite being told 5 times to stop fidgeting, the eggs fall on the floor. She tells Mellow off, he gets upset, goes up to his room and that’s when I come back home. I find my son very sad, I guess a bit shocked that somebody he does not know could tell him off, and although I know it is wrong, all I want to do is comfort him. The nanny should be allowed to tell him off and tell him she is not happy with his behaviour but for some reason, I want to protect him from her! Am I being too protective?

On day 4, she bakes again with them (little cakes to keep at home this time), and then for diner they have some pasta with leek sauce. Well, they don’t like it and I’m not surprised (I wouldn’t like it either!). They don’t even want to try it when they see their plate. I had planned to go to the gym (I haven’t been for over 1 year!) so I go. When I come back, I ask my children if the cakes were nice, and they tell me with a very sad face that they did not have one because they did not finish their plate (I’m told afterwards that they ONLY ate half – well, that would have been good enough to me!). I think that’s a bit harsh, especially as they baked those cakes themselves! When I talk to her about it the next day, she doesn’t agree with me, she has done this with other children she looked after and after a year, they would eat everything; also she was forced to eat everything when she was younger and now she likes everything, blah blah blah…she then concludes that my children are fussy eaters! My children, my babies, she criticised my babies, and me at the same time! That’s harsh! Then out of the blue, she tells me they should not eat on plastic plates anymore, they are old enough (3 and 4 years old) to eat on normal plates! Well maybe, but why would this be a problem for her? Is she trying to teach me how to look after my children? Is she Super Nanny telling me how to discipline my children? That’s not really what I’m looking for!

After a week with us, she tells me she would be happy to take the job. Oh really, great! And suddenly I’m not sure. Whereas I was desperately hoping that she would say yes, I’m not that sure anymore. Is she really the perfect nanny??

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