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Arrgh! I’m going back to work in 6 weeks and I need to find the perfect nanny. Can you ever find The One?

She needs to be perfect but obviously not as good as me – although I’m far from perfect! I guess this is just an impossible search.

The Search: Episode 1, 6 weeks to go.

I place an advert on Gumtree (http://www.gumtree.com/) for a small fee. I can’t stop checking how many people have read my ad. Will I get any replies? Will I find someone who wants to look after my 3 boys? It does sound a bit daunting! Why would they want to look after 3 young boys when they can find a family with one calm little girl?!

As it turns out, I get a lot of replies and narrow my choice down to 4 CVs. Some of the CVs I receive can easily be discarded: I want experience not just somebody who loves children; and I don’t want the nanny to quit on me after 2 weeks.

The first and the fourth girls I meet are pretty good: great energy, the children seem to immediately like them, good experience etc. etc.

How do I choose?

#1 is a great cook, loves to take the kids out or entertain them indoors, and seems to be quite organised. On the other hand, she is pretty strict and definitely won’t let the kids take control of the house. Pretty perfect you would say but maybe too strict? She also wants to take her time to choose the right family and to look for a place in the area as she previously had a live-in job. I get the sense that she may be a over confident in her abilities so she feels she can afford to be picky. Or maybe she is really that good?

#2 has a good experience and also likes to organise lots of activities for the kids to keep them happy and entertained. I don’t think she’s a great cook (I don’t want my kids to eat pasta with cheese everyday) but probably happy to follow my rules (rather than her rules which is the case for #1) so perhaps more fun for the children. She apparently has had a good offer the previous day and almost did not come but I managed to persuade her to at least come and meet us  –  so now she needs an answer today! I receive a text while I was at the theatre telling me that I have 30 minutes to give my answer. I feel pressured and that does not feel right.

I have to make a quick decision but I feel that I am not in control: one will tell me if I am good enough for her in a few days/weeks; while the other one wants to know NOW.

So I decide to go for #1 on the basis that she is good cook, and that the kids need rules.

Yes! I have found the perfect nanny! Well, we’ll see…..

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