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As with Me and Little Miss A (see previous post Detox), I can’t stand my clothes! And when I buy new stuff, I go for the same old colours: black, white, grey, night blue. Boring, boring, boring!

My friend and I decided to go for a personal shopping experience. We went to Topshop, as it’s quite fashionable and also not very expensive (it’s free to get a personal shopper to help you). I called to book and made sure to say we wanted to get away from our comfort zone, and wanted to try new colours, dresses, pattern etc…

We arrived at Topshop Knightsbridge both pretty excited. We were taken to our private room, offered a drink and a row of clothes were already awaiting us. It felt like being models or princesses! Very quickly clothes were scattered everywhere and we were asking for more.

I have to admit, most of the clothes the personal shopper had selected I would never have picked out myself. It was a good start.

It was a great experience to understand the current fashion trends and our personal shopper was pretty good about telling us what would go with this colour, this type of trousers and what shoes to go for; although maybe not too good to advise us on what would go with our body shape, our eyes and hair colour.

In the end, my friend really went away from her comfort zone and bought some, let’s just say, ‘different’ clothes. As for me, well, I bought some black trousers, some grey jeans and a night blue scarf. Not really out of my comfort zone.

I guess this experience was 50% successful. I need to go again maybe! Free advice so why not?

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