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For a successful kid’s tea party, popcorn is my solution. It takes 5 minutes, it’s healthy and fun! I do it quite often when Mellow and Jed have friends over for a playdate (and also for The Brain and I to eat while watching a good movie!)

Warm up a pan (with the lid on) for a few seconds over medium heat, add a couple spoons of oil or butter, put the lid back on for a few seconds. Put the corn seeds in the pan (cover the bottom with the seeds but don’t put too much, the seeds must not be on top of each other) and the lid back on. Wait a bit, shake the pan, wait and shake until the corn starts popping. Shake again one more time. Wait until the popping slows down and turn the heat off (don’t wait until there is no popping as the popcorn may burn). Take the lid off and add some sugar. Done.

Me & The Boys