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The shoebox appeal: At last I am going to do something selfless and useful. And if Blondie can realise from it that she is quite fortunate, even better.

As Blondie is turning 4 , rather than making references to Christmas I thought it would be a better idea to talk about children not receiving any birthday presents.

Well, I am not quite sure it was such a good idea…

Me: “Blondie, we are going to prepare a nice birthday present for children whose parents can’t afford any”.

Blondie: “What about me? Will I receive a birthday present?”

Me: “Yes, of course you will. Now we are talking about other children who don’t have any toys and won’t get any for their birthday. Let’s prepare a nice present for them. What shall we put in our shoebox?”

Blondie: “I want a pink neckless, a dress…”

Me: “Yes, ok, Blondie, but we are not talking about you now but other children”.

Blondie: “Yes, ok, but what am I going to have for my birthday?”

Well, I am a bit puzzled now. I think that we are still a bit far off from having Blondie realise that she is lucky and other children are not. Is she that spoiled already?

Me & The Girls

Mellow had already done a Shoebox last year and is very happy to do it again this year; for the children who don’t have a bed, toys, a house, a table, shoes, pants… and it can go on and on and on and on. He does understand that some children have nothing and empathises.

However, when I reminded him that it was time to find a shoebox and put some toys in it, his answer was: “But I like all my toys”. He thought I wanted him to give his toys away. Thinking about it, it’s actually not a bad idea. I might get Mellow and Jed to pick one little toy to give away. So I did. Mellow and Jed chose some cuddly toys. But I liked these, they were cute and one was a gift from my mum. Couldn’t they choose some other ones? How bad a person am I, very selfish for a selfless act!

Me & The Boys