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Now that Little Miss A is in pre-reception we have the option to enrol her in after school activities. The Captain and I debated the merits of having her attend these activities at school or having me take her. Ideally, I would take her to ballet class offsite so I can observe her but lately Little Miss A gets distracted, constantly breaking from the group to run over to me. I subsequently spent an entire ballet class hiding in the hallway stealing glances from a tiny window. So we decided to enrol her in afterschool ballet and gymnastics. Fair enough, no more rushing around from school to classes.

But, this also means I don’t exactly know what goes on during these classes. It’s not that I don’t trust the school but isn’t the reason that I left work to be a full time mum is to be with her and enjoy these moments? Besides, Little Miss A is a little girl of few words to the point that she denies that she even attends ballet – despite passing comments from mums that they saw Little Miss A in a tutu! Fellow school mums and I have joked in passing that we should get organised and come early one afternoon to drop into these classes, just to check them out.

So imagine my disappointment when I received a school memo telling us not to collect our children until 10 minutes after activities finish and not to go into the hall/room where the classes are being held. Thwarted.

A few days later, Me & The Girls confessed that she was the reason for the memo having had a near-physical altercation with a teacher on her way to observing Blonde’s ju jujitsu class. Words were exchanged which surprisingly, didn’t interrupt the class which illustrates that with discretion (i.e. hiding behind a pillar), parents can observe.

How scandalous! A few days later on my way to pick up Little Miss A after ballet, another mum confessed to me that SHE was the reason for the memo, having burst into her daughter’s ballet class which resulted in her daughter and the rest of the class running to her causing mass disruption. She was mortified by the memo but as is the case of Me & the Girls, felt there should be at least an open day at the beginning of term or a recital at the end so that parents could observe their children doing activities.

I did reveal to each party – on a no names basis – what each had done to contribute to said memo. Needless to say, both felt very relieved. And judging by the comment posted to Ju Jitsu Mum, they were not only ones!

Me & Little Miss A