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This is my first attempt at carving a pumpkin!

Do you want to carve a pumpkin this week-end? Well it’s actually not that hard and the children will definitely love it – and love having it by their front door or behind a window.

Buy or pick a round pumpkin.

Using a sharp kitchen knife, cut a big star at the top of the pumpkin. Take all the seeds and the stringy-guts out of the pumpkin. I used a table spoon and a butter knife (even better if you have a serrated knife or spoon). If not, you can always get your fingers dirty and dig in. I did!

Now your pumpkin is ready for you to get creative.

The advice I received was to start with the nose, in the middle of the face. If you start with the eyes or the mouth, you might do them too high – or too low! The easiest is to start with a square or diamond shaped nose and eyes and from that you can add the details. Same for the mouth: start with a normal long mouth, and then you add the teeth.

Try to make large eyes, nose and mouth so that when you have candle in it, you can actually see it.

At Willows Farm, they had a little competition and here are some entries to inspire you!

And please send us your pictures by Sunday 30 October by 23:59 at meheandthem@hotmail.co.uk, we will post the best ones. Good luck!

I’m sure you can do much better than mine, I actually did the teeth the wrong way! I’ll know for next year!

Me & The Boys