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The Pumpkin Festival is back at Willows Farm this half term until Sunday 30 October (http://www.willowsfarmvillage.com)

To continue the Halloween festivities, Me and Little Miss A and I took our 4 children to Willows Farm yesterday.

We went straight to the pumpkin field to pick our free pumpkins (one per child). The children had their wellies on and went in the middle of the field to pick the biggest pumpkins they could find – and the nicest as quite a few were already rotten (the weather has been too mild, what a shame!)

After a few tractor rides and free roundabouts rides, we headed  to the pumpkin carving area and the children were shown how to carve them. Somebody there got us started and then we used our creativity! It was a first for me so it was nice to have people around to give me some advice or ideas. Post on carving to come tomorrow.

After the pumpkin activities, we did a tractor tour, which drives through 2 amazingly huge paddle pools. They played with a kid size digger. They went on trampolines, bouncy castle and a little agility trail.  They also milked a cow!!! Ok, not a real one, and it was actually water but now they know what it means! For rainy day, they have an indoor soft play area, which the kids always enjoy!

One advice, bring your picnic. There are a couple of places to eat but the food is far from amazing. However there are lots of tables to have picnic outside and also a heated indoor picnic area.

It’s only 20 min from north London, once you are on the  M1.  There is a big car park. Really worth trying this week-end (£13.95 per child, £12.95 per adult, free for under 2s).

They have different events throughout the year. So far, we have done the corn maze in the summer and the potato picking in August/September.

Me & The Boys