A mum friend asked me if I would help her organise her son’s Halloween-themed birthday party. Never one to turn down a shopping adventure on someone else’s credit card, we quickly sprung into action to draw up a list of ideas to throw a Halloween Party:

  • Decorations: All the high street shops and grocery stores have a good selection of Halloween decorations such as banners, bunting, halogen lights, spider webs, cuts of pumpkins/ghosts/witch on a broom and balloons to decorate your home. John Lewis has a great selection this year. You can also pick up from your local grocery store a selection of different sized pumpkins to carve. I love the simplicity of the stacked pumpkins in these pictures: http://loonyville.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/its-pumpkin-time/
  • Trick or Treating: For indoor fun, why not have your adult guests wait behind doors for the kids to come knocking and shouting, “TRICK OR TREAT!”. You can prepare in advance bowls or buckets of either candy (mini Haribo, mini chupachups, bite size chocolate bars) or treats (bubbles, lips whistles, masks, small toys, balloons). The kids can make their way from door to door collecting treats, in a loop, until all the loot is gone.
  • Games: In addition to perennial party game favourites such as pass the parcel and musical changes, why not try Grab The Ghost? Each child will be given a ghost made (by you!) of tissue paper on a string; with all the ghosts lying head to head in a circle, one child will try to “grab” a ghost using a funnel while the others pull theirs away. Little Miss A loves playing Ghoulist Guesses: blindfold the children and have them try to guess what they are really feeling in a series of bowls, such as “eyeballs” (peeled grapes), “brains” (jelly) and “witches hair” (spaghetti).
  • Children’s Food: Depending on the age range you are catering for, “DYI” is always good fun for the kids. Pizza (English muffins cut in half; tomato sauce; toppings such as cheese, pepperoni, sliced peppers) and cupcakes (sponge cake topped with orange buttercream icing and sugar decorations in the shape of a spider, web, pumpkin, ghost) work well for large groups – and the kids are almost guaranteed to finish their tea!
  • Adult Food: Individual Pumpkin Pies and apple crumble.

Little Miss A is quite excited to dress up this year. Perhaps she knows that after 3 years I will (finally) retire her pumpkin costume!

Me & Little Miss A