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I am French and we do not really celebrate Halloween at home. For me Halloween sounded a bit like “another good opportunity for shops to make money after the start of the school year and before Christmas” until Blondie received her first invitation to a Halloween’s party. So I have decided to investigate a little bit….

  • Did you know that Halloween was initially a Celtic festival aiming to celebrate the end of the summer, which also corresponded to the end of the year? In other words, it was a kind of New Year’s Eve during which people dressed in a scary way celebrating their dead, switching off the lights/fires and switching them on again to welcome the new year and frighten the bad spirits. I guess all the foundations were there for our modern Halloween, except the name….and the Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin (Are you still with me? I know it is a bit long but eventually we will get there!)
  • The name itself is derived from “All-Hallows-Even” (“all saints eve” in old English). (Stay focused!)
  • Jack O Lantern was an Irish character who has been refused the entrance of Heaven’s doors due to his bad behaviour but surpringly the entrance to hell as well. The only favour he could get from the devil was a piece of burning charcoal that he carefully sheltered from the wind in a carved turnip (does it ring a bell?)
  • Irish immigrants to North America used the larger native pumpkin – both readily available and easier to carve (here we are!).

So to celebrate Halloween, Me & Little Miss A, Me & The Boys and I have decided to do a Halloween themed week to help you entertain your kids during half term. Our program this week will include:

  • Halloween Recipes
  • (Almost) all about Halloween decorations and planning a party
  • A farm where you can go with your children to get your own pumpkin, and much more
  • Top tips to carve your pumpkin, and scare your neighbours

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Me & The Girls (on behalf of Me. He. & Them)