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The start of the school year means the start of afterschool activities for Blondie. Which also means different pick up times for different days of the week. Inevitably, I got confused with Blondie’s schedule and I arrived on a Wednesday at 3:00 pm to pick her up instead of 3:45 pm when Ju Jitsu is finished. I thought we would go to the park together and enjoy some time alone while Bonny was still at nursery. It was the perfect plan.

So when I arrived to her class room at 3:10 (I am always late), looked for her in the classroom, and was surprised not to see her when the teacher looked at me strangly and informed me that she was at Ju Jitsu. Merde! I said to myself because I was so disappointed that my perfect plan had already been thwarted. But I quickly recovered and thought, okay let’s stay positive, it doesn’t matter I am going to take this opportunity to check out her Ju Jitsu class.

I asked the teacher where Ju Jitsu was and while she did mention that I could not watch, she told me where to find Blondie. I went there, found a pillar to hide behind and before I could watch a teacher marched up and ask me to leave. It was 5 minutes before the class finished and because I guess I was so disappointed that my perfect Plan B was also in danger, I just said “No, I am not going to leave”. The teacher explained that it was causing disruption to the class so I pointed out that nobody so far (except her) had noticed my presence and none of the children had even noticed our discussion. She then explained that it was the Head’s instructions and she’ll have to report my presence to her. I knew that the class was going to end soon so I guess I just wanted to buy some time and just said that considering the time left nobody needed to be informed and this could stay between her and me (I hate doing that normally). She grabbed me by the shoulder and asked me to leave (I may be French but I still don’t like being touched by people) so I just broke free and went on watching Blondie, who, by the way didn’t even notice me, as was the case with her classmates. The teacher left. I didn’t think twice about the incident…until I – along with the entire school – received a written memo requesting that all parents pick up their children 10 minutes after the end of afterschool activites and to (in short) “stay away”. Oh dear…

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