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I loved Me and The Girls’ post on chestnuts. It was perfect for our week-end. So we went out to Kenwood House and had a great walk with the boys through the forest. They got really excited about the idea of going to find chestnuts, rather than just going for a walk, which we actually never really do.

Well, we found a few chestnut trees but most of the chestnuts were flat so I guess not much to eat. We ended up finding a few that looked nice, and that was enough to make the kids happy: we did not go home empty handed.

Once we got home, The Brain decided to cook them on the barbecue (instead of in the fireplace). But then he went on the computer and like a kid in front of a screen, the life around him just stopped. The chestnuts? Yes, well they burnt!

So, all in all not a very successful afternoon, but we all very much enjoyed the walk in the woods and we will definitely do it again.

Thanks to Me and The Girls!

Me and The Boys