I am the mother of a fussy eater. Not sure where she gets it from but clearly not from me because I have never met a meal I didn’t like. I’ve read books. I’ve read blogs. Spoke to fellow mums of fussy eaters and taken on board their advice: reduce milk, no snacks, star chart, etc etc. Meals are a constant battle with the only constant being the pasta noodles with butter that she will eat. She’s also very fidgety, knocking food and drink onto the floor. So I have decided to extend her nursery day to include lunch; with the hope that Little Miss A will succumb to peer pressure and sit still. And eat. I get a report when I pick her and on this particular day I get nothing but rave reviews:  “She ate really well today! Chicken! Broccoli! Almost all the rice!”. I must admit, I was a bit sceptical as Little Miss A despises meat but I thought I’d give them the benefit of the doubt; that’s what I pay the exorbitant school fees for after all. Until I got home and found chicken in the pocket of her school uniform.

Me & Little Miss A